About Us

God's Youth is about empowering young people to live to the full through personal relationship to God We want to see youth saved!

Our vision is to create an atmosphere for change. By removing youth from the lure of violence, drugs, and abuse. We are equipping them with the motivation and desire to change theirs lives; We believe we are setting the stage for God to do His work.
We also believe God is the answer, and only through Him can deed, lasting changes take place, like changes of the heart. Many prophesies about the end time are being fulfilled.
Yet present day children, youth and even the older people are ignorant about the knowledge of God. Seeds of doubt regarding the existence of God is being sown in schools, colleges, industries & wealthy countries. The theme of their teaching is ‘no-god’. This information is passed through literature, videos and other Medias degrading Christ.
There is no reverence, love and fear of God among the youth because of the rumors and doubts about the Christianity ultimately leading to a defeated life. Keeping the above matters in mind, we are ministering among the youth by presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ, sharing His love, His excellence, the need of Christ’s death, the truth of His resurrection and His second coming. Our ministry is not for any specific language, group or sect.

We do this because of the thirst we have for lost souls. It is for all the spiritual churches also. Our ministry is growing because of the sincere prayers and suggestions from many pastors. We continuously do this ministry among the youth that they may be rooted in God’s word, respect towards God and grow in grace and be living testimonies so that they may lead many to Christ. We communicate through our website by sending stories with pictures, messages, biblical plays – games, spiritual songs, prayer requests, questionnaires etc.

Many pastors support us in this project.
The Head Office of this ministry is in France.

Youth of the respective countries join with their pastors and carry on in this visionary ministry.

  co. GOD'S YOUTH  
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