Dr. Rev. Joe Kurian


Dr. Rev. Joe Kurian
Southall Church of God
Senior Pastor

We live in a world that promotes evil and ignores that sound teachings and principles of the Holy Bible. Families have no values to cherish, societies are driven by the lust and greed of the majority, and nations are righteousness. Men and woman, boys and girls of all  races and nationalities are equally running unknowingly towards a destiny that is dangerous and deceptive.


God is looking for the people who would dare to be different and influence the society with godliness and righteousness. It only takes a man or woman ( young or old ), who has a deep devotion and passion towards God, to turn the destiny of people from destruction to godly purpose.


Daniel, the young Jewish captive in Babylon was a prime of a life that has taken risks to be different in a pagan nation. It seems he was only sixteen years of age when he taken to the foreign land. There, away from his homeland, may be from parents and close friends, knowing that the temple of God is also far, Daniel was tested and challenged to conform to the practices of the Babylonians.


The strength of our faith is measured by the intensity of the tests, temptations and challenges we are allowed to go through in life. Every test build our trust in God. Therefore it is crucial that a believer in Christ remain faithful and patient in times of trials and temptations. A faith that is not tested cannot be trusted.


Daniel chapter 1:8 tells us that when he was faced with the choice of food, he didn’t have to negotiate future, but he spoke to the authorities his conviction and refused to give into their demands. “ But Daniel proposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the potion of the king’s delicacies, nor with wine which he drank;… “

What a courage! What a determination! When probably, most of the people may have not given a serious thought about changing their Jewish diet to a pagan one, Daniel dared to be different.


Lot of young people in our societies are drawn by the peer pressure and often neglect the standard of Biblical holiness. Many of us are brought to the UK by our parents and families. We are faced with challenges and choices almost every day. How de we respond to pressures and invitation by our non Christian friends and neighbours? Are we bold enough to remain true to Lordship of Jesus Christ? Can we say that we are true disciples of  Christ when faced with crucial decisions in life?


The Book of Daniel continues to record the greatness of that man of God. Daniel becomes God’s prophetic mouthpiece to the gentile and Jewish world declaring God’s presents and eternal purpose.


Dear young brothers and sisters, you are the Daniels and Deborah’s to day. You are chosen vessels for the Master’s use. Keep yourselves pure and holy, ready to be used of Christ.


May God bless you.


Dr. Rev. Joe Kurian  

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